Who Is Ken Dab-Row?

If you’ve turned on a radio or TV anywhere in America in the last 40 years, chances are you’ve heard or seen Ken Dab-Row. But what makes Ken different is how mentally and physically fit he is. He’s an old fashioned “man’s man” who has lived his whole life by a certain code and makes no apologies for who he is. With an adventuresome spirit and a real zest for living, Ken loves life and truly loves living each day to the max. That attitude and love of life, plus his enthusiasm for everyone and everything, are infectious to everyone he meets. So it’s only natural that over his long life, he should become a friend and mentor to so many people who look at what he’s accomplished and say “I want to be like that when I get to be that age!” And that list includes some pretty powerful and successful people. And by the way, no matter who you are or how successful or powerful you might be, everybody gets the exact same enthusiasm, encouragement, and kick in the ass from “The Old Man”! One of the last true originals, that’s Ken Dab-Row - “Mr. Age, My Ass!”

Welcome to "Age, My Ass!"

Watch this special message from Ken and learn more about "Age, My Ass!"

"AGE, MY ASS!" - The Book

Everybody wants to know how Ken does it - stays so powerful and positive well into his 80s. "Age,  My Ass!" the book, is filled with power-packed pages specifically designed to tell you exactly how - and it all starts with the 40 to 60 year old Man-In-The-Middle. Ken has mentored and motivated scores of prominent and powerful men worldwide. Now he brings that same mentoring and motivation to every man - especially those between 40 and 60 - to show you how to get bolder as you get older.

Let's put race in its place
Over his 90 years, Ken has been all over this world and shared his positive message with everyone he meets. Now he talks openly about putting race in its place.
Political correctness
Ken has something to say about this subject, which seems to be working its way into our lives more and more with each passing year, and he’s not afraid to give you his take on political correctness.
Ken talks about how greed can consume and dominate every aspect of your life – and sometimes you don’t even know it’s happening.
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The "Age, My Ass!" mission

The most common thing we hear when people first meet Ken is: "How do you stay so strong and mentally sharp and positive at your age?" The answer lies in the mission of "Age, My Ass!": To get every man past 40 acting and thinking in a way that will establish the foundation for a long, strong life mentally and physically. To help him realize that if he embraces the age he is and does his absolute best in all aspects of his life he will find that the second half of his life can be the best half - more rewarding, more fulfilling and much more abundant.