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From "Positive Mental Attitude"

Observation #2

If you are fortunate enough to live one hundred years, it's these twenty years you are LIVING IN RIGHT NOW, that will be the most important of your life. These are the years when you must develop and expand your own PERSONAL POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE.

You know, I think, sooner or later, all the millions of men in this demographic, finally wake up to the reality, that the way this planet of ours functions, as history has proven, is generally a whole lot MORE NEGATIVE THAN POSITIVE. We hear it and see it all around us all the time. And it can convince us if we allow it, that as we get older we really believe we have less resistance to increased negativity. That contributes to the thinking, that older age takes men down. Well, sir, I found that to be a fallacy. I made up my mind, during this exact time frame you are in, as I got older, there was nothing in this world I was going to let take me down, defeat me or even intimidate me. And the longer I lived, the stronger that feeling got to the point now, at almost ninety, it is stronger than ever. And sir, I wish the same for you, I really do.

So please now, during this so-called mid-life crisis, as you get older, make it your business to get stronger mentally, physically, and spiritually, letting nothing take you down. I'm going to keep reminding you throughout this entire text, THIS OLD MAN, IS NO BETTER OR WORSE THAN YOU. JUST ANOTHER GUY LIKE YOU, TRYING TO GET IT RIGHT MOST OF THE TIME. So whatever observation I am making that you happen to be reading, don't ever think or say can't. Kill that word can't on the spot, because if I can and did, SO CAN YOU. If I could do everything in my power to make the living of my life, regardless of my age, grow in value, WHY NOT YOU, OF COURSE YOU TOO!

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